Why Should You Buy Sim-Free?

by Saad Ahmad on July 13, 2021


There are 2 main choices to consider when buying a phone;

  • Do you sign up for a lengthy contract and pay for the phone over time?
  • Do you splash out for a sim-free phone and have the freedom to choose the plan that suits your life better.

   The lengthy contract may initially seem like the best option, avoiding the hefty fee needed to buy a sim-free phone outright. However, we feel the sim-free option is the best and most cost-effective option in the long run, and here are 5 reasons why.

   Initially, it may seem like a lot of money to pay outright, but it saves you paying more money overall but spread out over a number of months, while also leaving you completely free to choose a sim plan from a network provider of your choice that meets your needs best, rather than being forced to choose a plan which may only suit some of your needs, purely because of the fact that it is the most affordable option available with the phone you desire. In the long run, you can save yourself hundreds of euros, compared to a conventional network contract.

   If you are like us and you have a fear of commitment, sim-free is the ideal option for you, as you have the freedom to change your plan anytime you like, rather than being locked into a 24 month contract. The fact that your phone is unlocked means you can even switch your network provider entirely. This means that when a cheaper, better value deal comes along, you can switch with no strings attached.

   Generally, newer phone models get released on a yearly basis. Samsung and Apple phones are primary examples of this, with a new iPhone usually being announced every September. However, if you are tied down to a contract, you are generally tied down to that phone, unless you fancy paying off the rest of your contract and/or a heavy exit fee. When you get your phone with Fonez you own it - you're not leasing it. So when a newer phone is released, you can simply sell or trade in your phone and get the phone you really want, without needing to wait for an upgrade.

   Generally, networks tie their best deals with the newest or most expensive handsets. However, with sim-free phones there is not such a limited choice. Here at Fonez, we offer a wide variety of different top-quality phones at ridiculously cheap prices. You can spend less and choose a lower spec phone that meets your needs perfectly, or you can spend a bit more and purchase one of the best phones on the market. The choice is completely up to you.

   Remember, that none of these benefits listed above are things you can easily do within a traditional network contract. "If you want to upgrade, you have to wait until they let you or pay for the privilege. If you want to switch mobile operators you end up paying massive exit fees because when you sign up to a phone contract, you basically agree to pay the full value of it whether you stay the full 24 months or not."

   "If you've never gotten halfway through a phone contract and found yourself really hating your phone, either because there’s a much better one available or yours has started playing up, then stay with phone contracts. If you've never taken out a phone contract in the summer and then regretted not waiting until all of the winter deals for Black Friday and the like, then stay with phone contracts. And if you've never had a bad experience with your mobile operator and wanted to leave them for someone else, either because of their poor customer service or lack of signal in your area, then stick with phone contracts."

   "My guess is you can relate to all of these examples, because these are the situations we've all experienced as consumers and smartphone users. Well, we don't have to put up with it anymore. From now on, there is a better way to buy your mobile."

Source: www.pocket-lint.com

by saad on January 22, 2023

this information is very good

by Shannon on November 21, 2021

If i got an iphone 8 last year and wanted to trade it in for an iphone x would it be similar value to the price i bought it at ?

by Shannon on November 21, 2021

If i got an iphone 8 last year and wanted to trade it in for an iphone x would it be similar value to the price i bought it at ?

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